Are we returning to the States?

“When are you coming back?” has changed now to “Are you coming back?”

When we embarked on our year in Mexico, our idea was to experience all the seasons and explore a place for future snow-birding. Our other idea was to get out of the US for a while, but I will leave my political opinions for another time.

For some months, we kept saying, “Yes, we are staying for a year.” And one day my husband looked at me as we were sipping gin and tonics on the mirador, and he said, “Is there anything we DON’T like about living here?” We thought about it, and the answer was: no, there is nothing we don’t like.

After that, our discussions revolved around the logistics of finding a long-term rental, or whether we should buy a house here. We talked at length about whether to keep our house in Oregon as well and continue renting it out, or whether to sell it. We talked about how much time we would want to spend “up North” every year, and where we would want to spend it.

After all these discussions, after going to countless “open houses” and looking at houses with a realtor, I was finally persuaded to my husband’s idea of building a house. Given the hot real estate market here, we never saw anything in our price range that met our needs — walkable neighborhood, nice kitchen, small but nice outdoor space. We started looking at lots and talking to builders.

And on August 15, ground was broken for our new house. Two bedrooms, two baths, and a lap pool, in a central walkable neighborhood. We are excited.

I am sad to leave my friends, my garden, our neighborhood, and our wineries (!) in Oregon but being landlords long-term isn’t for us. Neither is owning a house that we only use a few months of the year — it’s not financially feasible and also seems like a waste of the planet’s limited resources. We will have our new home here in Ajijic and find temporary nests in Washington State when visit the US.

For those who asked “When are you coming back?”, the answer is: sometime in October. For those who asked, “Are you coming back?”, the answer: is not really, or at least not now!


5 thoughts on “Are we returning to the States?

  1. Norma Zwick

    That is awesome!! I always thought about moving there but I can’t. I have my boys here and don’t want to eave them but I plan on going there during some if the winters so I’ll see you then! After all, Ciudad Guzman isn’t far at all from there!!


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