Snowbirds, mariachis, jazz, rebirth of wonder

Snowbirds, mariachis, jazz, rebirth of wonder

The snowbirds are coming back. I mean that in two ways. 1) US and Canadian retirees who spend the winter here are arriving; things are getting crowded. 2) Migratory white pelicans are arriving too, evidently from Canada.

We see a lot of the first kind of snowbird daily. But we took a drive around the other side of the lake to see the other kind. Evidently, they congregate in a town called Petatan. There are several fish processing warehouses there that feed the pelicans every day, evidently around 5 p.m.

We drove from here to Jocotepec, where we stopped for lunch and an ice cream. From there, we drove along the south shore of the lake. We saw a lot of berry farms (if you have access to raspberries and blackberries in your stores right now, I bet they come from here, Jalisco and Michoacan). The farms have the berry plants covered with a white material, am guessing some kind of sun shade. You can see the large white areas from our side of the lake. We passed through some small towns on the other side, which looked quiet and nice.

Ice cream — am loving this type of cone

Petatan is tiny. There was a sign with a pelican on it pointing from the road so we turned off. We followed the circle loop and parked when we saw some pelicans on the water. We walked a bit and saw (mostly) women in warehouses, cleaning fish. Then we sat in a bar, drank a beer, and watched the pelicans gather. There were plenty but I think they are more numerous later in the season. Alas, we did not stay long enough for the feeding, as we wanted to be sure we were home by dark. No, we aren’t afraid of being robbed or anything, but we ARE afraid of the unmarked speed bumps (topes) that would be extremely difficult to see at night and could easily ruin your car and cause a serious accident.


They are pretty close-up



Driving there made us realize how BIG this lake is. It is enormous. For a time, we could see across to the town were we are living, but then it was no longer visible. Still, we only make it perhaps halfway round the lake.

In other news, we went to a mariachi show to benefit the Lake Chapala Red Cross. I love the mariachi music!! They are all such great musicians and singers. The costumes are handsome as well. They also had folkloric dancers that we enjoyed watching. Toward the end, a famous singer came out to sign with the band. Her dress was a one-of-a-kind strapless gown that was (I think) painted and sequined with a village scene and flowers. Oh my! And the shoes? Sparkly and maybe a 5 inch heel.


The dress!!!

Mariachis — harp strings the colors of the Mexican flag

Closer to home, enjoyed jazz night at Casa Domenech restaurant. The two musicians are talented, the food is good, the people are lovely, and during the musician break, a poetry reading.

“I am waiting for a rebirth of wonder.” — Lawrence Ferlinghetti


Musicians at Casa Domenech


2 thoughts on “Snowbirds, mariachis, jazz, rebirth of wonder

  1. Jobeth

    What a fun day! I adore the white pelicans. Amazing birds. My partner and I are planning a trip down south in late Jan. and will visit Ajiic. Hope to see you then. Enjoy.


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