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Planning for an ex-pat adventure

Written on 11/10/16
I am seeing things through a different lens right now and I am both anxious and excited. I have been working on the whole Marie Kondo/minimalist/downsizing thing for a while now and feel like I have made some progress. Quite a bit of progress with clothes and books and decor and linens but still not enough with sentimental/inherited items, photos, kitchen things.

And then the election happened and we woke up yesterday and thought, “Why don’t we get out of this country for a few years?”

The whole point of minimizing is to make one more flexible, adaptable, able to do things, able to take advantage of opportunities when they come up. So let’s see if we can make this happen – to work through the anxiety of getting rid of things, renting the house, figuring out mail, visas, health insurance, car insurance, banking and to actually do it. I have very little anxiety about actually living in Mexico. I think we will find a place with little trouble and we will like it there.

I have a lot of anxiety about leaving.

The lens I have right now when I walk through the house goes something like this, “Will I/we get rid of (this thing) when we go or put it in storage? Will we want/need it when we come back? Is it something we could leave at the house if we rent it furnished or do we need space in a storage unit? How many boxes of photos/sentimental/inherited items do I want/need to keep and how will I dispose of those that have to go? What will out lifestyle be when we get back? Will I still want/need canning equipment, bicycles, soap making items, beer making stuff…?”

Everything looks different through this lens.

That’s a good thing. By January 2018, we will be in Mexico for a year. Let’s make it happen.