Plastic Bag Omelets

An inconvenient thing about camping is messy pans and no running water. A breakfast with almost no clean up? Plastic bag omelets. You will need one heavy-duty ziploc quart-sized freezer bag for each person.

Bring a pot of water to boil on your camp stove.

You can prepare these before you leave home and pop them in your cooler. Or prepare them on-site.

For each omelet, scramble eggs (2 or 3) in a bowl with a fork. Add some salt and pepper if you like. Pour them into the plastic bag. Add your favorite omelet ingredients. I am partial to a combination of chopped spinach or kale, feta cheese and olives. My husband likes some grated cheddar, chopped onion and bell pepper.

Once all the ingredients are in the bag, press out as much air as you can and then seal it up.

Put the bags into the pot of boiling water and lower to a reasonable boil.  Cook about 13 minutes. To test for doneness, remove a bag and kind of squish it — put it back in if the eggs are still runny (or take it out if you like runny eggs).

Omelets being cooked

Omelets being cooked

When done, open bag and slide omelet onto your plate. Use the hot water in your pan for your dish washing.

Caution: make sure plastic bag does not get holes melted into it by the camp stove! This can lead to water leaking into your eggs, a sad, but still edible, outcome.

Served with a little salsa and tater tots leftover from prior day's lunch at Takoda's.

Served with a little salsa and tater tots leftover from prior day’s lunch at Takoda’s.

So gorgeous

So gorgeous


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