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Vietnamese Nasturtium Spring Rolls

Now is the season for these fabulous spring rolls. Easy to make,although my rolling technique sucks! Try them! The dipping sauce is amazing and good on other things too.

The Gardener's Pantry

Nasturtium blossoms and Vietnamese mint add a refreshing light touch to these rolls. The rice paper is nearly transparent and the nasturtiums backed by green lettuce are beautifully displayed. Vietnamese spring rolls are never fried and contain only the freshest ingredients. Try a few practice rolls and you’re ready to go. Perfect or not they are delicious. The recipe below has standard ingredients but the beauty of spring rolls is you can improvise. For a vegetarian roll substitute tofu and a few crunchy bean sprouts for the shrimp and replace fish sauce with soy sauce.
Marcie Wolf, our neighbor and friend, came up with the idea of using nasturtiums and took me through her process. Our photo demonstrates the prepped ingredients all in place for ease and efficiency. Use any leftovers for salad.

Ingredients for 12 rolls:

12 rice paper disks, 8.5” (banh trang)
12 perfect nasturtium flowers inspected for…

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Bread making class

I was fortunate to attend a two-part bread baking class put on by the Oregon State Extension Master Food Preservers.  We met on Friday evening for two hours at the Food for Lane County kitchen, where we mixed our bigas and sourdough starters.  We also tasted finished products of all the recipes (oh my).

Saturday, we met all day and baked, baked, baked.  And ate a fabulous lunch of soup and a variety of breads.

We made:

– Caibatta — the most plastic, elastic dough I have ever seen!

– 60 minute buns

– 100% whole wheat sandwich bread – a technique that actually makes it come out light and delicious, versus the heavy bricks I had made previously.

– Buttermilk Rye-Whole Wheat Bread.


We also ate a delciious focaccia and chili-corn bread.