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A cautionary tale regarding garden pests

Spring is a busy time in the garden.  At least that is my excuse for not seeing the destruction of our gooseberry plants until it was too late.  I was busy starting veggies, transplanting, checking the veggies, and harvesting spring crops and didn’t notice the rapid defoliating of the gooseberry shrubs. The culprit is evidently the sawfly larvae.  These little green larvae are too numerous to count.  I am trying to control them now by blasting them off with water and then either smashing them or serving them to the chickens. But unfortunately, it might be too late for our plants.  Once the berries ripen, we will cut the shrubs back, fertilize heavily, and hope for the best. Lesson:  walk your garden every day.  Look at everything, not just those plants needing current attention. Damn those little green vermin. 

Goosberry shrub sans leaves



May garden update – loving our asparagus

We have had a generous asparagus year. Every time I think we will only have one or two more spears, there are five the next day. I love our asparagus beds. Most of the crop is about 5 years old, that we planted when we moved in. Some is older (and some of that is purple) and I don’t know its age. I think it is almost done for the year and the tiny pencil-thin remainders are going to their frothy seedy stage. This year, I am trying some bark mulch on the beds to try to inhibit the weeds. It is impossible to weed the beds when the ferny asparagus blooms are poking you in the eye. Just saying. I would love advice on this, if you have any. Also advice on fertilizing — I want to keep my asparagus really really happy!

Last spear of asparagus among the fronds

Last spear of asparagus among the fronds

We have been eating a lot of salad.  So have the snails.

We have been eating a lot of salad. So have the snails.

Asparagus fronds.  Hops in the background.

Asparagus fronds. Hops in the background.

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Early berries

I picked our first berries today. We ate them with yogurt and homemade granola for breakfast.

imageIf you are intereted in a very very early berry for your garden, I would recommend the honeyberry. We got ours from One Green World.

These berries will remind you of blueberries with an elongated shape. They are more tart that blueberries, but delicious in their own right..