Kitchen failures involving eggs

One of our hens, Lucy, died when we were in Monterey for a few days. Our wonderful neighbor was caring for the chickens and called me to report Lucy’s death. Sometimes chickens just die. (Well, they all die eventually. Some just die suddenly for no good reason.) The three remaining hens (Sylvia, Janice, and Mohawk) have been laying quite well with the longer days and warm weather. Thus, I have been cooking a lot of eggs lately. Since we have gotten chickens, I eat more eggs than I used to. I am glad to read that current medical research says eggs are not bad for us anymore. I tend to ignore the medical research unle

ss it aligns with my own philosophy, so I did note this latest report as I believe all whole foods are good for us, some in smaller quantities than others.

We store our eggs on the counter now, like every country other than the US.

We store our eggs on the counter now, like every country other than the US.

Growing up, I never liked eggs. I still don’t like the texture of most egg preparations. Hard boiled: rubbery. Over easy and poached: runny and icky. Egg salad? Don’t even get me started. I am okay with scrambled eggs, if they are mixed with other good stuff like veggies or potatoes or cheese. I like omelets, especially the way my husband makes them. He was a restaurant cook as a teenager and makes a very good-looking (and good tasting) tri-fold omelet. I like popovers. I like eggs in homemade pasta. I like quiche. And I like souffle.

I made an asparagus souffle recently as well as a “baked omelet” that featured asparagus, cheese and carmelized onions. Both looked great and tasted good … in the long run. For the life of me, I can’t figure out when egg dishes like this are done without cutting into them. I follow recipes from reliable sources. The dishes seem set when shaken, the tops are brown. And then I cut into them and it’s a bunch of liquidy underdone egg stuff. The souffle day wasn’t too bad. It was just the two of us and I stuck it back into the oven. It looked ugly and deflated but tasted good once it was finally done. Baked omelet day was worse as I made it for us and another couple. Very embarrassing for someone (me) who is supposed to know how to cook.

It's asparagus season too.

It’s asparagus season too.


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