Searching for my ancestors

My grandmother was born in a little town called Podgoria. At the time of her birth in 1895, Podgoria was in Hungary. After World War I, it became part of Austria. When she emigrated to the US in 1922 on the SS Mount Clay, she was Austrian. She made the long trip, sick a lot, with a 3-year-old nephew. I never knew the nephew part until I found her papers, after my mom passed. She was 27, got on that boat, and never returned to her homeland.

And this autumn, we are going. We are headed to Austria and Hungary. We will see the town where she grew up. I am doing some ancestor research but so far don’t have much in the way of family members still alive in Austria … as far as I know.

My grandmother was born Agnes Sechser. Her parents were Michael and Teresa (Polster) Sechser. If anyone out in the internet world has information, let me know!



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