Cooking with Chef Diki

I had the privilege to step into the kitchen at Yelapa’s Tacos y Mas restaurant to watch Chef Diki prepare one of her specials — linguine with clams, mussels, shrimp, calamari and scallops in a light white wine cream sauce.

This dish was chock-full of seafood and the sauce was a creamy perfection. Diki assured me it was easy and fast. Watching her do it, I now believe it!

Diki starts with some olive and heats it up in a small skillet over a pretty high heat. She adds the clams and mussels and sautes them a bit. Next was a generous pour of white wine (sauvignon blanc), a little more time for the shellfish to open, and then a big clove of garlic was pressed into the mix.image

imageAfter cooking that a little bit (still the high heat), butterflied shrimp, calamari (small whole ones and sliced larger ones) and scallops were added. A quick toss and then additions of fresh chopped basil and parsley. And the cream. At this point the seafood was almost done. Diki moved the mixture to one part of the skillet and added cooked pasta. She mixed everything quickly and then plated the dish.

imageimageimageA big thanks to Diki for letting me watch and learn!!

And if you see this on the menu at Tacos and Mas and don’t order it, you will miss out on a great meal! (And, as my husband would say, you’re a dumbass.)image


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