Vegetable broth base

Since I don’t eat meat, I substitute vegetable broth for all those otherwise vegetarian-friendly recipes that call for chicken stock. I rarely make my own and have used a variety of purchased broths – cans of Swanson, tetrapacks of Pacific brand, dried broth base from bulk food bins, jars of veggie “concentrate.” Most work fine but none are that great and some of them seem to cost quite a lot.

Therefore, I was interested when I saw a recipe in Cook’s Illustrated for a homemade veggie broth base that you store in the freezer. It was quick and easy to make, although I forgot to buy one of the key ingredients (dried onions). Still, it is yummy and convenient and (better yet) I know what it is in it. No unusual chemicals or additives. Give it a try. Maybe a jar of this would make a good holiday gift too?



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