Belize Resort Food

Had some great food at Isla Marisol!

Fresh fish, prepared in a variety of ways — with a cream sauce, with parmesan breading, as fried “fingers,” on tostadas, over pasta with shrimp.

Lobster — huge lobster tails! Caught that day.

Conch — grilled. Not my favorite. Very sweet flavor but too chewy for me.


Hot soups for lunch after snorkeling — carrot was my favorite. We also had Hudut, a Garifuna dish of coconut broth, fish, okra, mashed plantains and hard boiled eggs.

Lots of fruits and veggies, including jicama in salad or alone, sopadillo, cassava fries, squash, broccoli.

Homemade baked goods — tortillas, tostadas, coconut bread and the fry jack. Fry jack is a baking powder dough that puffs up into a hollow delicious treat when fried.

Juices — soursop, watermelon, grapefruit. One day, we had fresh coconut water.

Sauces — Marie Sharp’s hot sauce is great. A habenaro sauce made with carrots. But, as another guest said, the house-made habenero sauce “kicks Marie Sharp’s ass!” Woo! We also liked the Gallon Jug Lisette’s Special Sauce on fish tostadas – sweet and savory.

Desserts — plantation pudding was my favorite, a spiced cake with a creamy coconut topping. Coconut pie and lemon pie were also yummy. Ambrosia with little multi-colored marshmallows was a blast from th 1970s.


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