In the garden now… late October

It is a good thing I was too lazy/busy/sick after our Italy trip to pull out the tomato plants. Because, at this late date, I harvested some tomatoes. I believe this is the latest I have ever had tomatoes here in Western Oregon.

A downside to being gone/being lazy is that the aphids have moved in. Approximately a zillion of them have made their home on my kale plants. I sprayed them off with a blast from the hose and am thinking about a soap spray to try to contain them. Unfortunately, I think they may have done so much damage to one of my Tuscan kale plants that it might have to become chicken food.

Another by-product of being gone/being lazy is that some of my pole beans dried on the vine. This will be my seed stock for next year.

And collard greens? They are happy and need to be eaten.