In the garden now

I wish I kept better records as to when I planted this cauliflower! Then I could plant at the same time next year. Usually, I plant too late or too early and don’t have the best results with cauliflower and broccoli. But this beauty is a welcome addition to our menu this week.

Today, we filled our Excaliber food dehydrator with apples and grapes. We love those home-grown raisins and apple rings in the winter. I would highly recommend this food dehydrator. They are in the $200 range and I am happy to report we got ours for $75 at a yard sale.

Lots of green beans in the garden right now. The other day, I sauteed some with serrano peppers, garlic, and previously-frozen tofu. I added a quick mix of brown sugar, rice wine vinegar, and soy sauce to coat them. They were spicy and delicious.IMG_0140.JPGIMG_0137.JPG