2006 Italia honeymoon trip

photo 2-2I recently took out my 2005 Rick Steves’ Italy guidebook to help plan an upcoming birthday trip.  Tucked inside, I found the itinerary from our 2006 trip.  That was a special trip for several reasons.  One, it was our “honeymoon,” taken a month before we got married.  Two, it was the longest time we had ever spent together, given that our dating relationship had been a long-distance one.

The itinerary spurred me to find my old travel journal.  That’s it in the photo with pictures of Italy attached to the front with packing tape.  Here is an excerpt from my journal, edited to remove any naughty parts.  Excuse my poor Italian, per favore.

Roma, Mon, 10-2-06

We arrived here after 3 long flights, and a near-run through the Amsterdam airport.  We are staying at Fiesta Terrace Hostel, near the Termini Rail Station.  Small and (so far) seems pretty quiet.  I started to fade after the long travel, but Tim rallied me.  We ate at a small see-your-food restaurant where I had a roasted yellow pepper filled with tuna fish and some sauteed spinach.  We shared a bottle of the house wine.  Then came back and sat on our terrace a while.  Can’t wait to have more energy tomorrow and enjoy Rome with my lover.

Roma, Tues, 10-3-06

Slept late – almost 10:30.  😦  Now waiting for the shower to be available.

(later) Full day of tourism – Coloseo, Palotino, Capitoline Hill, Trevi Fountain e Spagna Steps.  Lots of walking – sunny and warm.  Very crowded with tourists — groups of Germans.  Lively, lovely city.

Fiesta Terrace Hostel – sitting on the terrace.  Listening to a young guy from NY hit on a Canadian girl, trying to impress her.

Drinking 2,80 Euro Montepulciano, eating some formaggio Siena e pane.  Mm.

photo 1-3

Our itinerary – Roma, Pisa, Cinque Terre, Naples, Sorrento, Rome

Roma, Weds, 10-4-06

Went out for a late dinner last night – artichoke and pepper pizza.

Today took the Metro to St. Peters – ran into Chicago friends!  And then saw the Pope.  Church was closed though due to the papal audience.  Metal detectors, lots of speeches.

Toured Castel St. Angelo, very cool and great views.  A little rain today.  Got caught in it when eating our take out lunch.

Went to Piazza Navona.  The Bernini fountain was closed for repairs, however.


Coloseo, Roma


Castel St. Angelo

Here is a list of some of the foods I ate on the 2006 honeymoon trip:

  • pansotti de 5 terre (noci)
  • spaghetti with seafood
  • linguine with clams
  • pepper stuffed with tuna
  • penne with salmon and rucola
  • gnocchi with pesto
  • gnocchi with gorgonzola
  • pizza margherita
  • piza tonno
  • foccacia with spinachi e formaggio
  • foccacia with mista verdura
  • pizza carciofi
  • pizza olive
  • linguine with lobster
  • lasagna
  • gnocchi sorrentina