One bag travel

In May, we were in France for 18 days. We took a Viking river cruise in Bordeaux and then spent some time in Paris (with a side trip to Normandy). I travelled, as I always do, with only one carry-on size bag. Every time we take a trip, folks are amazed that we can do it with only one carry-on each. Some say they could NEVER do it! Most want to know how.

I thought I should write a series of posts on this topic and share my thoughts, methods, and tips. I will also dig up some actual luggage photos to show you, and take pictures of what I recently took to France.

Since 2005, we have taken the following international trips of 10 days to 3+ weeks with one bag each:

Mexico (several times!)
Costa Rica
Ecuador/Galapagos Islands (On this trip, we had to pack wetsuits and snorkel gear too!)

I am here to tell you that you can travel almost anywhere for almost any length of time with one carry-on. You can do it, and you will love it. I will write posts that will explore the following:

> Why travelling light makes your trip easier
> Types of bags to consider
> Shoes
> Toiletries
> Best clothing selections
> Why you need less than you think
> Laundry

Stay tuned!